Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who's on First?

Me: Why, Thank you!

Three-year-old Sweetie: I'm welcome!

Me: No, sweetie, when I say "Thank you," you say, "You're welcome."

TYOS: I'm welcome!

Me: Don't say "I'm welcome." Say "You're welcome."

TYOS: "I'm welcome!"

.....and repeat.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Spring Break! It's Party Time!

Well, it's party time if your definition of "party" is: lots of time around the house playing with two kiddos, and completing some of those many projects needing attention. Yes, I am taking the week off from work, but no, we are not going anywhere exciting.

Unfortunately, my son got in trouble at school near the end of the week, so is starting out his spring break "on restriction" from TV, video games, and friends. He has been up for all of 1 hour and is already complaining. Never fear, my dear legions of readers. I am developing a chore list for him to start earning back privileges. If I can survive all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will ensue when he sees the length of this list, we will be all good. (Did I mention that he got in BIG trouble at school?)

Anyhoo, I have big dreams for the amount of tasks I am going to accomplish this week. Job number 1 is to complete my entry way makeover. I forgot to take "before" pics until I had already stripped down most of the circa 1980 green and gold tapestry wallpaper. This picture is of the end of the entry that still had the wallpaper up when I remembered to take the picture.

(I just pasted in the before pic, in the wrong place. I can't figure out how to move it, because I am the World's Most Inexperienced Blogger. Oh well. Good thing I am not a Type A personality.)

So. My plan is to paint the walls a lovely mushroomy light brown, paint the closet door white, replace the door hardware, and put up this AWESOME vinyl wall decor thing that I ordered from Etsy. Then I need a new table. Not sure how that's gonna happen on my current budget, but I'll worry about that later.

I'll post the After picture in a few days. Yes, I will! (Or, at least an In Progress picture. Gotta keep those goals attainable, right?)

So, Happy First Day of Spring Break, everyone!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conversation at the house yesterday with my seven year old son:

"Mom, will you tie my shoe?"

"No, honey. You know how to tie shoes. You need to do it yourself so you can get better at it."


"What would you do if you were at school and your shoe came untied?"

"At school, we have a shoe tyer."

Long pause.

"What's a shoe tyer?"

"You know, a kid that's really good at tying shoes."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "To-Do List", Conquered!

Ok, so I've been struggling with the overwhelming "to do" list problem ever since my son was born. After my daughter came along, the problem just got worse. I feel like I am busy all the time, but rarely make significant progress toward those items on my growing list.

So, I've been thinking. Why not make my list retroactive? For example, here's my to-do list for this morning:

1. Hit the snooze button 4 times. (Check!)

2. Stumble out of bed and thank God for automatic coffee brewer. (Check!)

3. Talk grumpy three-year-old out of locked bathroom. (Check!)

4. Supervise 2 kids while getting self ready; repeat commands with increasing volume and urgency until tasks completed and kids strapped in car. (Check!)

5. Arrive at work within 1 hour of scheduled start. (Check!)

6. Augment caffeine levels until able to achieve productive state. (Check!)

See? My entire morning list, all checked off and done. What a great feeling!

Sunday, February 28, 2010



(crickets chirping)

I really don't know why I'm starting this blog and I have no idea what will develop here. I have lots of ideas but no focus. I am alternately excited about becoming an active blogger, then terrified that someone might actually READ this.

There are so many blogs I enjoy reading regularly but I almost never comment, partially because I feel like an outsider looking in. So maybe this is just my little way to try to join the world of all the bloggers I admire.

So anyway, here's to jumping in blindly!!